Why You Should Order A Bespoke Corset?

Corsets  have been making somewhat of a comeback after peaking in popularity during the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, corsets are present in all forms of fashion, whether it’s for nightwear, bridal outfits, lingerie or cosplay outfits.With this increase in popularity, comes an increase in demand.There are now many suppliers popping up offering corsets and waist trainers.These suppliers are often offering mass-produced or “off the shelf” corsets, which don’t always tick all of the boxes for dissatisfied customers.

Better Fit : One of the biggest issues with generic corsets is that there is no way that they can cater for all body types, even with a wide range of sizes.When you order a made to measure corset, you will ensure that you will achieve the best possible fit for your body shape because it will be crafted to your exact measurements, rather than just a set of generic measurements that may not reflect your frame.

This is crucial when ordering a waist training corset because you will likely be spending 6 – 10 hours a day wearing it.Imagine if you had to do your daily routine wearing an uncomfortable corset that digs into your ribs and pinches the skin in places?

You would quickly stop wearing the offending item and have to discard it due to the pain it causes you. With a custom made corset or waist trainer you eliminate the associated pain that comes with off the rack corsets because you have a garment made to your exact measurements.

Better Working Conditions : Some off the shelf corsets can retail for as little as just $25 (£20).If you think about the work that goes into creating this type of clothing, you know that the workers in the factories making these mass-produced corsets are paid very little.

With made to measure corsets you know that you are going to pay more but that you are also going to receive a product made by a skilled corset-maker who will receive a fair wage for their work.In this modern world of “fast-fashion” we need to think about sustainability and making sure that we don’t fund textile factories that operate exploitative employment practices.

Higher Quality : Closely linked to better working conditions, the quality of a custom made corset is much higher that a generic off the shelf version.A good made to measure corset will comfortably last decades, and if your shape and weight are relatively stable, you can expect them to last a lifetime!By ordering a custom made corset you are guaranteeing that you are going to have your corset made by a highly skilled craftswoman (or craftsman) because it is unique to your measurements.

Your corset cannot simply be run through factory assembly lines because your exact dimensions are very unlikely to be identical to the generic sizes they produce

Conclusion : Overall, it is clear that if you want the best possible corset or waist trainer then you need to order a bespoke model. Not only will your corset fit much better than a generically sized off the rack version, they will also be of a much higher quality.

Whilst it is true that you will pay more for a custom made corset, you will reap the benefits, and avoid the increasing trend of funding poor working conditions for millions of textile factory workers across the world.

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